Creating an online store

Based on our experience, Magento is the best platform for creating an ambitious online stores. As one of the first, we are building online stores for the Magento 2 platform and have created Magento 2 payment and delivery modules to the MakeCommerce and EveryPay.

Our team has a long experience in creating online stores and as a member of the Estonian E-Commerce Association we are always aware of recent developments on the market.

Come and have a free consultation and we will decide together how to enliven your e-business!

We offer complete online store creation and maintenance, including:

a) Building an entirely new web store from scratch with a designer or customising a ready-made solution. We have professional designer in our team, who will provide proper advice and puts your ideas in practice in the best possible way.

b) Integrating your website with various accounting software programmes. We have a great deal of experience in integrating the following economics software options:


c) We can handle the trickiest solutions – our team has ten years of experience in programming economics software.

d) Web store marketing support – we will also help you to think about the commercial aspect of marketing when building and maintaining an online store.

Why do we recommend choosing the Magento platform for your web store?

The volume of e-commerce is continuously increasing, which is why creating a web store is a great investment that adds a lot of value to a company. We offer a six-month guarantee for all of the web stores that we create.

The most popular platform for e-commerce

Magento is used by 25% of the world’s most outstanding web stores, not to mention those in Estonia. As Magento is a freeware platform, it has an open source code and its large user community has created a number of add-ons (including free ones).

Lots of expansion opportunities for online businesses

You can run several different web stores under the same solution, or add reflections or multilingual web environments. In order to simplify data management, we can integrate your web store with different accounting and economics software options.

Marketing friendly platforms

Compared to other platforms, Magento has the greatest number of SEO options. Integrated marketing tools help to facilitate sales and optimise the web store’s search engine so that it is more user-friendly. Email notifications, registrations, marketing campaigns, price rules – all of these areas can be employed to increase sales and build up customer loyalty.

Diverse configuration options

The platform has a wide variety of options that allow the web store to be configured according to the client’s specific requests such as, for example, design customisation, product configuration, etc.

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Lumav - Magento Partner

As a Magento Certified Partner, we provide our customers with the best solutions for business growth.