IT Systems Development

We are experienced in developing various complex IT systems. First, we analyse the client’s business requirements and existing business processes, and then we propose a solution to ensure that value is added to the company through the use of IT tools.

We are capable of building IT systems through both thorough analysis and agile software development. We use WordPress and Laravel PHP platforms for development.

Complete solutions

We offer a complete solution including analysis, design made with the assistance of a professional designer, programming, and testing.

Integration with external systems

We can integrate IT systems with accounting, warehouse management, client management, or any other economics-based software while building the software interface.

Urgent jobs available upon request

In the case of an urgent job, we will agree upon a final deadline and the necessary activities for fulfilling system requirements. We will compile an action plan and prioritise all stages of the work process, so that these will be in accordance with the client’s needs and interests.

Guarantee and service

A 6-month guarantee applies to all Aedes projects; we also offer service contracts with various priority levels. This makes it possible to periodically order developments at a cheaper price and with a shorter implementation period.

Development stages for IT systems

The first stage of developing an information system is to create a functional model and identify goals. During the planning stage of a IT system, it is important to evaluate the area of activity and business processes. The same applies to predicting possible restrictions and obstacles in terms of available resources.

While developing and analysing the IT system, we document the functional requirements of the software, application instances, acceptance tests, and other data that the client has requested.

During the design stage we create IT system views with the help of a professional designer for users and separate ones for the administrator, if necessary. At the same time, we make sure that these are as user-friendly as possible and include all of the functionalities that the client has requested. If necessary, we will bring in a third party – a user experience designer – otherwise known as a UX/UI designer, or a copywriter or some other specialist.

During the programming stage, we build a functioning IT system from the design views and implement all of the functionalities. In the final stages both functional and design tests are carried out. We guarantee the security of the system during the development of a technological solution.

The development of IT systems is concluded with the implementation phase, during which we install a completed solution and carry out end-user training. The last stage is maintenance and post-launch support, after which we can agree on any further steps that might need to be taken.
A functional system and reliable information verification are necessary in order to guarantee the effective management of a company’s critical processes.

A complete functional solution takes into account the continuous increase in information and workload volumes. It is important to understand that this functional system is meant primarily for user queries and not so much for preserving information.

We have developed large information system for 6 years now.


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